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If everything went well Nimrat kaur I would have lost the kilos for which you accumulated Tushar Jalota‘s Dasvi. The actress had put on more than 10 kilos to look like a circumstantial politician in the comedy she also stars in. Abhishek Bachchan and Yami Gautam Dhar in fundamental roles. However, Nimrat is done with a tennis leg and will be on bed rest for at least a week. The recovery process will take between five and six weeks in total.

According to a source close to the actress, she had only just started exercising after a year, which was one of the reasons she ended up with the injury.

“Nimrat was asked to look a certain way for Dasvi and she put on the pounds, but with that, she also stopped exercising rigorously. He had gone to the gym after a year of functional training. It had only been a few days. Nimrat was planning to move to a new house in Bandra for some time. She was also in the middle of a house move when dehydration and fatigue, along with a few other issues, hit her and she ended up with a tennis leg. It’s a muscle injury and you’ve been asked to keep your leg in a cast and on an incline for at least a week or so. Even while at home, he has been asked to keep his movements to a minimum to avoid complications, ”says the source.

When we contacted Nimrat, she confirmed the news and said: “Everything has been put on hold. This is not something I would have really thought could happen, but now I have no choice but to stay home and give my body time to fully heal. ”

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