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niti aayog: Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren raises Coal India, DVC issues at meeting with NITI Aayog | India News


RANCHI: Chief Minister of Jharkhand Hemant Soren on Wednesday it alleged that the Center is giving the state a stepmother treatment by claiming that Coal India is not paying the huge money it owes while the funds are automatically debited from the RBI account of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC).
In a meeting with NITI Aayog Officials from Ranchi, the Chief Minister also emphasized the need for independent, tribal-centered policies for the enhancement of programmed castes and people of programmed tribes and the establishment of mineral-based industries in the state.
“At the meeting with NITI Aayog, issues related to the treatment of stepmother with Jharkhand (by the Center) were raised. Discussions were held to resolve issues related to Damodar Valley Corporation, GST, coal company quotas, malnutrition, irrigation , water supply and roads. The beginning is good, I hope the conclusion is better, “said Soren.
Up to 22 issues were discussed at the meeting, including rail revenue, water resources, minerals, rural development, civil aviation, tribal affairs, road transport and national highways.
On the GST fees, the Chief Minister urged the Center to make a payment of Rs 1886.77 million, the compensation owed for the financial years 2020-21 and 2021-22.
Soren asked NITI Aayog to ensure that there are no further deductions of funds by the Center, as Jharkhand is struggling with limited resources and many central public sector companies owe a large amount of money to the state.
The CM objected to the automatic deduction of Rs 2,845.50 crore from the consolidated account of the state government held by the Reserve Bank of India by the ministry of power through a tripartite agreement and transferring it to the DVC instead. of electricity charges.
“The tripartite agreement was invoked without the consent of the (current) state government. This was invoked during the Covid era when state resources were under pressure,” the CM said.
In January 2021, the state cabinet decided to exit the tripartite agreement executed between the Union’s power ministry, the Jharkhand Government and the RBI, saying that the Center was diverting funds intended for the welfare of poor tribes.
The then BJP government of Jharkhand in 2017 had made a deal with the Center and signed the tripartite agreement. The pact was an arrangement for the payment mechanism of pending energy bills to the DVC and other PSUs that supply energy to the state. It had an automatic debit clause if the state didn’t pay your bill against the purchase.
The state government also told NITI Aayog that the state is not in a position to pay dues to the DVC in lieu of power, as the central government departments and companies owed a huge sum of Rs 1,386.76 million to the state for electricity consumption.
In addition, the coal companies owed a huge sum to the Jharkhand Government in the form of the cost of government land and royalties for laundered coal, he said.
Last week, Soren said that Coal India Limited (CIL), which owes Rs 1.5 lakh crore to the government of Jharkhand, in the state, may cease to operate.
NITI Aayog Member VK Paul, who led the delegation, said that the think tank is working as a link in the direction of creating better relations and coordination between the Center and the states.

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