‘No extension of driving licence validity, vehicle papers beyond October 31’ | India News


NEW DELHI: There will be no more extensions for the validity of expired vehicle and driver related documents, such as driver’s license (DL), Certificate of Registration (RC), permissions and certificates of physical fitness after October 31, ministry of road transport has informed the carrier organizations. The validity extension is currently applicable for those documents that had their expiration date as of February 1, 2020.
In a communication to transport organizations, the ministry said: “It is clarified that this is the last extension of this type and that the central government will not grant any additional extension in this regard.”
This means that even if some states or UT notify such an extension for a longer period, as Delhi has extended the period of validity until the end of November, those with expired documents may face action should they be caught out of that state or UT in particular, since there is no central. notification, which is applicable throughout the country.
The ministry said: “States and UT have also been advised to complete pending services in mission mode and within a specified timeframe to achieve this.” He said that states have been advised to put additional resources to complete the processes related to pending cases of renewal and reissue of various aptitude documents, permits, RC and DL.

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