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‘No one died due to oxygen shortage’: Congress MP KC Venugopal moves privilege notice against MoS Health | India News


NEW DELHI: Two days after the government claimed Rajya sabha that no one died in the country due to oxygen shortages during the coronavirus pandemic, Congress KC MP Rajya Sabha Venugopal, who had posed the question to the government, filed a motion of privilege against the minister of Express for Health Bharati Pawar, accusing her of deceiving the House and the people of the country.
Hours before presenting the notification, Venugopal said: “This is a blind and carefree government. People have seen how many of their loved ones and close ones have died from lack of oxygen ”.
The government’s response sparked shock and accusations of callousness from all leaders, with the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi. Manish Sisodia accusing the Center of “lying” and also saying that “thousands of people” died from lack of oxygen.
CPI MP Binoy Vishwam also filed a similar privilege notice against MoS Health. “Beyond being absolutely disrespectful to the hundreds who suffered this avoidable disappearance, the Government has tried to deceive the Parliament with his answer and with it the broken parliamentary privilege ”, Viswam he said in his notification to the general secretary of Rajya Sabha.
In a written response to Venugopal on July 20, Pawar said: “The Union Ministry of Health to all states and UT. Consequently, all states and UT report cases and deaths to the Union Ministry of Health on a regular basis. However, the states and UT have not specifically reported deaths from lack of oxygen. ”

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