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NEW DELHI: NortonLifeLock has introduced Game Optimizer or “GO”, a new feature that aims to maximize gaming performance by freeing PCs of power-hungry programs that run in the background and freeze system resources.
By releasing power-hungry programs to a single CPU core, Game Optimizer aims to help ensure that all available computing power is allocated to the game for best performance.[1]. As an added benefit, Norton 360 for Players It also offers optimized notifications, permanently silencing non-essential messages.
Norton 360 for Gamers customers will have access to Norton Crypto when it launches in the coming weeks. Currently available as part of the NortonLifeLock early adoption program, Norton Crypto helps customers safely and easily mine cryptocurrency while their devices are idle through its trusted Norton 360 platform.
“As gaming and crypto mining begin to play a larger role in people’s digital lives, it is important that we continue to rapidly innovate and develop the tools that enable consumers to keep their information, devices and identity safe without interference.” , He said. Gagan singh, NortonLifeLock Product Manager. “We want gamers to use Game Optimizer so they can focus on the challenges of their game, not the distraction and risk of cyber threats. We also want to help people take advantage of their PC downtime with Norton Crypto, which provides an easy and secure way to mine cryptocurrency. ”


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