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One problem that iPhone users are facing and Apple hasn’t fixed


Apple is about to launch the new iPhone 13 alongside the new iOS 15 operating system. But there is an issue that continues to concern iOS 14 users that Apple has not done anything about. Shortly after updating to iOS 14, Apple iPhone users began to complain about their experience with CarPlay. There is an error that sometimes shows an error message: “Only one accessory can be used at a time.” This problem has reportedly been there for more than eight months, but Apple has yet to fix it, according to a report from 9to5 Mac.
This bug appeared with iOS 14 and now we are about to see Apple start the iOS 15 lifecycle. People have turned to the Reddit forums and Apple talk pages to complain about the same thing.
Speaking about what the error does, an iPhone user explained: “Since one of the iOS 14 updates, about 6 months ago, after a few uses in the car, iOS will not see that the iPhone has been disconnected from the car, and As a result, you will not get audio from your speakers and if you try to reconnect the phone to the car, the error “Only one accessory can be used at a time” will appear on the screen.
In addition, the user said: “Checking the sound output settings will show that the iPhone believes that it is still playing audio through the dock connector and that there is no option to play audio through the speaker. The headset will continue to work, the bluetooth or other headphones will continue to work, however the lighting devices will not work. There are also no interface sounds like keyboard clicks, lock sounds and so on when in this state. ”
Apparently the only way to fix the problem is by restarting your iPhone.
This problem does not always occur. One user took to Reddit and said: “Once I got this message, nothing worked for CarPlay to work. But when I try again 30 minutes later when the car is stopped, it connects without problems. I have the problem about 1 out of 10 times when connecting iPhone to CarPlay. ”

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