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Over 1.28L crimes against kids recorded in 2020: NCRB data | India News


NEW DELHI: In 2020 there were up to 1.28 lakh of cases of crimes against children, according to the report ‘Crime in India 2020’ published by the National Office of Criminal Records (NCRB) on Tuesday. The number of victims involved was close to 1.34 lakh.
Although the number of incidents reflects a decrease of 13.5% from more than 1.48 lakh of cases in 2019, the classification of crimes under different headings reflects how large numbers of children became victims of heinous crimes.
Kidnapping and abduction cases accounted for 42.6% of all cases last year, followed by cases of sexual crimes, including rape of minors, in Law on the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (Pocso) at 38.8%. Little cases represented 35.5% of the total in 2019.
The number of crimes under Pocso, related to penetrative sexual assault and aggravated prenetrative sexual assault, shows that of the total of 28,065 cases in these categories, in 96% of the cases the accused was a known person. Of 26,934 cases involving a known person, the offender was a family member in 2,556 cases.
The age profile of victims of sexual crimes in 2020 shows that 640 were under the age of six, 2,540 between 6 and 12, up to 11,029 between 12 and 16 and 14,118 between 16 and 18 years old. Both boys and girls are included.
NCRB data shows that in 2019 there was a 4.5% increase in the total number of cases of crimes against children in the previous year in which 1,41,764 cases were registered. In percentage terms, the main crimes during 2019 in the case of children were kidnapping and kidnapping (46.6%) and the cases of Pocso (35.3%), including child rape.

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