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overwatch: Overwatch Summer Games Event 2021 goes live: Here’s what’s new


This year’s Overwatch Summer Games event has been released and will continue until August 10, 2021. You can access all content on PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows on PC, and the Nintendo Switch versions of the game. The Summer Games Event gives you a chance to win new character skins.
Also, you can now play Lúcioball matches with your friends across platforms with the help of the cross-play feature. The event also adds Lúcioball Remix, a “faster and more chaotic version” of the game where “two balls are in play all the time and bonus balls worth extra points will appear periodically around the arena.”
While Symmetra, Ashe, and Sigma get ripped abs, Symmetra’s Mermaid, Ashe’s Poolside, and Sigma’s Scuba Legendary skins can be collected from loot boxes. In addition to the new character skins, players get Referee Orisa and Sprinkles Mei from the loot boxes and also have a chance to win three epic level skins for Hanzo. Winston Y Pharah which depends on your performance during the three weeks of the event where week 1 can get you the Ocean King Winston skin, week 2, Sunset Pharah and week 3 is dedicated to Nihon Hanzo epic skin.
How to win all three epic skins for Winston, Pharah, and Hanzo
To win the epic level skins, you must play 27 Supervision games (Competitive, Quick Play and Arcade) during each of the three weeks. You can also earn player icons and sprays by playing 9 and 18 games respectively. So if you want to get Ocean King Winston icon, you need to play at least 9 games in Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade mode; Playing 18 will get you the Ocean King Winston Spray, while 27 games will get you the Ocean King Winston Epic Skin. The same goes for the other two characters.

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