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Pakistan: 4 killed, 17 missing in boat sinking incident


ISLAMABAD: At least four people died and another 17 disappeared on Wednesday after three ships sank Raghagan Damlocal media reported.
A ship carrying 18 people on board sunk Bajaur district of Pakistanis to the northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province when he went into deep water on a recreational trip, reported Xinhua.
To rescue them, two boats rushed to save the drowning tourists, but the rescue boats with seven people also sank in the dam.
Another group of rescuers started the operation and rescued four people and removed four bodies from the water tank.
The bodies and four other rescued people have been taken to a hospital, Xinhua reported.
The rescue team told the media that they were searching for the missing people, adding that there was almost no chance that they would survive.
Reports citing local police said the first boat sank due to overloading and the rescue boats faced the accident because the personnel were inexperienced and were unable to control the boats.

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