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Pakistan has hit new low with denial of Af victim’s account: MEA | India News


NEW DELHI: After Pakistan dragged India into the ongoing controversy over the kidnapping of the daughter of Afghanistansent in Islamabad, the government responded on Thursday saying Pakistan’s denial of the victim’s account of the incident was “falling to a new low”.
Minister of the Interior of Pakistan Sheikh Rashid Ahmed he had previously said that Indian agencies were responsible for his abduction. In response to the claim, India described the kidnapping as shocking. “This involves two other countries. and we would not normally comment. However, as the Pakistani interior minister has dragged India away, I would like to say that even by his standards, Pakistan’s denial of the victim’s account is being lowered to a new low. ” MEA spokesman Arindam bagchi saying. Pakistan rejected India’s comments. The Foreign Ministry said India was not in a position to pontificate on “standards” for other countries. He called on India to refrain from carrying out its smear campaign.

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