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Pakistani fighters, Taliban instructed to target India-built assets in Afghanistan | India News


NEW DELHI: With the Taliban be joined by Pakistanis in Afghanistan in large numbers, its fighters have been trained by Interservice Intelligence (ISI) to target assets built by India in the war-torn country over the past few years.
The Indian government has invested more than $ 3 billion in the Afghanistan reconstruction effort since the last two decades and the 218 km highway between Delaram and Zaranj salma dam; and the Afghan Parliament Building, opened in 2015, are the most important symbols of India’s contribution to the Afghan people.
According to estimates and inputs, more than 10,000 Pakistanis have entered the war zone in Afghanistan to openly support the Taliban offensive against the government of Afghanistan led by Ashraf Ghani.
According to the contributions, Pakistani and Taliban fighters have been dispatched with specific instructions to target Indian-built assets and remove any signs of goodwill work from India there, government sources monitoring Afghanistan told ANI.
India has made an immense contribution to the education sector in Afghanistan and has played an important role in training its teachers and support staff.
Pakistan-backed Islamic terror groups, including the Haqqani network, have been very active for years against India there.
The Indian side is also in a bind over the question of whether it would be allowed to maintain its presence in Kabul, as so far the ultra-radical Islamist group that has been seen as opposed to India has not given any guarantees or indications.
Indian agencies are also closely monitoring the situation at the Kabul airport, which will not be under US surveillance for long. Many airfields under the Americans, including Bagram Air Base, have been vacated due to the ongoing power struggle with the Taliban.
Indian workers involved in civil works were also asked to move. Indian Public Sector Company WAPCOS had some officials there for dam projects. India had also recently announced works worth around $ 350 million, including the Shahtoot dam for supplying drinking water to the city of Kabul.

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