Palm is planning a comeback on October 26 with its ‘something special’ product


After a small San Francisco startup bought the rights to the ‘Palm’ name from TCL in 2017, the company launched its first smartphone called Palm Phone in 2018.
Since then, the company has been mostly silent and hasn’t announced any new products after giving the same phone a minor update.
Now, the company seems to be coming back with a new product. The company has announced a new product and its return on Twitter.
The tweet carries an image with a background image and text. The image appears to be of truly wireless headphones and the text reads “We’ve been busy.” Along with that, it also confirms the announcement date of the true wireless headphones of October 26.
The post doesn’t reveal much about the company’s upcoming TWS earbuds. However, the company is saying they have ‘something special’ and that ‘special’ factor has yet to be seen about the Palm Headphones.
What we can speculate is that the headphones will likely come with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) along with good battery life and a comfortable design that gives the idea behind its Palm Phone that was designed to become the best companion to users’ primary smartphone, the space that has been captured by smart watches.
Another major concern about Palm’s TWS is that it will face stiff competition from already popular headphones from brands like Samsung, Apple, Google, Sony, and several others.
One more concern will be maintaining the correct price. There are several good options available in almost every price range, but just like Nothing did with its first TWS Ear headphones (1), Palm might also have to price the right thing in order for the product to stick in the minds of users. , which only time will tell.

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