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Pandemic prompting professionals to rethink their career paths: Survey | India News


NEW DELHI: The pandemic is inciting professionals in the country to rethink their career paths with many looking to change industries, as well as improve their skills to advance their careers, according to a poll commissioned by Amazon India.
The largest e-commerce company commissioned a survey to measure the pulse of the impact of COVID-19 on jobs and future career plans among Indian professionals. The survey was conducted by Morning Consult in August and covered 1,000 professionals across India.
About 59 percent of those surveyed said they were actively looking for work.
More than one in three (35 percent) respondents said they saw pay cuts as a result of Covid-19, while 68 percent said they are looking to change industries as a result of Covid-19.
One in three (33 percent) respondents said they are looking for a new job right now where they “can do more meaningful work.”
The survey found that 51 percent of Indian job seekers were interested in seeking opportunities in industries in which they have no experience. About 55 percent said that compensation is an important factor they look for when they apply for a job.
Job security is also a top priority for 56% of Indian professionals after the pandemic.
“For half of Indian professionals (49%), opportunities to help them learn and develop are a high priority when considering a job. For 47% of Indian professionals, having a safe work environment is a top priority when they consider a job. “, said the survey.
Interestingly, 75 percent of those surveyed said they are concerned that their current skill set will be out of date in five years.
About 90 percent said they are interested in learning new and transferable professional skills, and 74 percent said this interest was the result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
“The study underscores the changing concerns, aspirations and interests of Indian job seekers, particularly triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Professionals seek to expand industries and skill sets to remain relevant in the changing job market,” Amazon India said in a statement on Sunday.
In terms of skill sets, 45 percent said they believe technical and digital skills are essential for career advancement; and about 38 percent believe that marketing skills are important for career advancement.
About 76 percent said they have already received support through additional training offered by their employers and 93 percent of them have already used this training. About 97 percent said they would like more job training offered.
Amazon, which has pledged to create 20 lakhs of direct and indirect jobs in India by 2025, recently announced 8,000 direct jobs in 35 cities across the country, spread across roles of consumer, corporate, technology, customer service and operations. Amazon India is also hosting its first Career Day in India on September 16.

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