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‘Pawan Munjal can’t use ‘Hero’ tag for electric vehicles’


NEW DELHI: In a setback for Hero MotoCorp, led by Pawan Munjal, a 2010 family agreement prohibits the company and its promoter from using the popular ‘Hero’ brand for any type of electric vehicle: two, three and four wheels. – since the global rights of green technology have been assigned to your relative and nephew Naveen Munjal’s Electric hero.
Any violation here “will lead to legal action,” Naveen told TOI, making it clear that “only my family has the right to use the Hero brand for eco-friendly vehicles,” although there is no prohibition of competition for other members of the clan. who can enter the category but with a different brand.
Naveen, son of Pawan’s cousin Vijay munjal, has run the Hero Electric two-wheeler business since 2007, and said his family received “global rights to the Hero brand in perpetuity for electrical systems,” whether for personal consumption use or for the commercial market.

This was done as part of a larger agreement between various members of the Munjal clan, who run various businesses under the ubiquitous ‘Hero’ brand (two-wheelers, bicycles, insurance, real estate, electric vehicles, components, education), and it has players like Sunil Munjal and Pankaj Munjal, as well as Pawan Munjal and Vijay Munjal.
“We have ownership of the Hero brand for electrical systems and no one else can use it. There is no ambiguity here. We can use it for any type of vehicle that circulates on land: two-wheelers, three-wheelers, cars or commercial vehicles, “said Naveen, adding that” if our rights are violated, we will appeal legally. ”
A spokesperson for Hero MotoCorp of Pawan said: “Hero MotoCorp remains fully committed to driving sustainability and clean mobility, including through electric vehicles, in India and in our markets around the world. There is a family understanding, of which everyone in the Munjal family is well aware, and everything is being done within the parameters of understanding and agreement. The brands used on the vehicles even today speak for themselves. The family agreement is very clear. Hero MotoCorp is very aware of its rights and has always acted and will continue to act based on the best legal advice ”.
However, Hero MotoCorp sidestepped the question of whether it can use the ‘Hero’ brand for its upcoming electric vehicles. At a time when preparing for stiff competition from newcomers like Electric WaveHero MotoCorp has announced aggressive investments in the electric vehicle business (it also has financial exposure in the Ather startup) and plans to launch its first green vehicle this year. However, it is not yet clear which brand the company will use.
Open to association with Hero Moto
Naveen Munjal said he remains “open to anything,” including partnerships within the family, as he expands his business under Hero Electric. “We are open to associations within the family. We are not closed to the idea, ”Naveen said when asked if he was ready to collaborate with Uncle Pawan Munjal’s Hero Moto. “We have cordial family relationships and there is no animosity. It’s just that we have to protect our business interests. ”

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