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Pegasus snooping row: Cong leaders stage stir, stopped by police from marching to Raj Bhavan | India News


CHANDIGARH: Haryana Congress Leaders, including the MLA, held a protest here Thursday in connection with the Pegasus snooping line, but were stopped by police when they tried to march towards the Raj Bhavan on foot.
Directed by AICC in charge of Haryana’s affairs Vivek Bansal and the head of the state Congress Kumari Selja, the leaders and workers gathered in the party office here.
They organized a protest in front of the party office, but while trying to march towards the Raj Bhavan on foot, the police stopped them.
Congressional leaders told reporters that the police cited the current ban orders due to COVID-19 and said they could not allow them to take the march.
“We were holding a peaceful protest, but the police did not allow us to continue,” Selja said.
Opposition party leaders said they wanted to deliver a memorandum to the governor regarding the espionage dispute.
Selja said the Center must answer how the alleged use of Israeli Pegasus spyware to spy on at least 300 phone numbers in the country, including those of opposition leaders, activists and journalists, happened right under their noses.
He also claimed that the leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, whose name is on the list of possible victims of the spy line, has become a “target” for the government, as he has constantly been raising various issues of public importance.
“How can it be that these things are happening right under the nose of this government? How did this spyware get here, who gave permission? The government must answer these questions,” said the head of the state Congress.
Meanwhile, he asked why opposition leader Bhupinder Singh hooda did not join the protest, Bansal told reporters that the former prime minister had communicated that he would not be able to come as doctors had advised him to take a few days off for health reasons.
An international media consortium reported Sunday that more than 300 verified mobile phone numbers, including two active Union ministers, more than 40 journalists, three opposition leaders and a sitting judge, as well as dozens of businessmen and activists. Pegasus spyware may have been targeted in India

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