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Pegasus spyware designed to protect those in power and to destabilise opposition, monitor media: CPM | India News


NEW DELHI: CPM on thursday he said Pegasus The spyware scandal is not just a privacy breach and illegal, it is part of the “broader authoritarian architecture” to “consolidate the Hindu authoritarian regime”, “intimidate” and even “blackmail” officials. of the constitutional bodies.
In a People’s Democracy editorial published on Thursday, CPM said the lesson to be learned from surveillance was that “any means can be adopted” to establish and consolidate the authoritarian regime in Hindutva.
“As the UAPA, the hacking of the computers of the defendants in the Bhima-Koregaon case to plant malware as evidence, the use of the Execution Directorate and other central agencies to intimidate and incarcerate, the Pegasus is a cyber weapon against potential opponents and threats, “he said.
CPM alleged that the Pegasus spyware is designed to “protect those in power and destabilize the opposition and monitor investigative voices in the media.”
Calling “sinister” the targeting of the phone numbers linked to the woman who complained of sexual harassment by the former Chief Justice of India and, separately, by the dissident electoral commissioner Ashok Lavasa, the CPM spokesperson editorial also said that it is essential for the preservation of the democratic system and the protection of citizens’ rights that accountability be established for those who transgressed the laws and violated all legal limits.
“From the Modi The government is in denial and seeks to protect the culprits, it is absolutely imperative that a high-level investigation be carried out. The Supreme Court it must initiate and supervise such an investigation, ”he added.

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