Perfect makeup for Durga Puja and Dussehra festivities


While the Durga Puja festivities have 9 colors set for each day of the festival, your makeup appearance should generally depend on the time of day you choose to attend the rituals. If you decide to attend a puja during the day, go for a subtle and soft look.

Remember, the days of Durga Puja or Dussehra generally involve pandal jumps and movements. So make sure your skin is well prepared for a day off. Dinesh Jain – Insight Cosmetics shares some tips on how to dress perfectly for the warm holidays.

Moisturizing your skin before applying your foundation will help keep your makeup looking flawless throughout the day. Then use a foundation as a foundation and apply a concealer to hide those stubborn blemishes and blemishes. Remember, Durga puja makeup is all about the eyes. First, enhance the natural shape of your eyes with a light eyeshadow and focus your eyes by outlining your eye with kohl and eyeliner. This will help you achieve the typical bright-eyed Bengali look. If you want, you can also go for a light glitter-based eyeshadow for a more festive look. Finally, complete the look with a classic red lipstick and an eye-catching red bindi.

If you prefer to attend the Puja at night, you can put on more makeup. While you can keep your foundation the same as for the day, select bolder colors like sparkly gold, copper, or burgundy for your eyeshadow. Smoky eyes are preferred by many women when planning a mandap jump night. Give your eyes a bolder, more striking look by lining them well with eyeliner and kohl. Apply some blush and highlighter to give Durga a touch of puja and complete the look with a deep red lipstick in sync with the color of your eyeshadow. Remember, Durga puja involves rituals, greeting friends and family, and lots of food and mandap jumping. To ensure your appearance stays fresh at all times, finish your makeup routine with a dash of setting spray.

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