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Political parties criticise Yogi Adityanath for ‘abba jaan’ remark | India News


LUCK: Political parties have criticized the prime minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath for his comment on “the people called abba jaan“in an apparent attack against the Muslim community and the Samajwadi Party (SP).
Heading to a show in Kushinagar on Sunday, Adityanath claimed that people did not receive rations before 2017 as now.
“Because then, people called ‘abba jaan’ used to digest the rations. The Kushinagar rations used to go to Nepal and Bangladesh. Today, if someone tries to swallow the rations intended for the poor, they will end up in jail,” he said. the first Minister.
‘Abba jaan’ is an Urdu term for father.
Vice President of the National Conference Omar abdullah took to Twitter on Sunday to criticize the prime minister ‘s observation.
“I have always maintained that the BJP has no intention of fighting any election with an agenda other than blatant communalism and hatred with all the poison directed towards Muslims. Here is a CM seeking reelection claiming that Muslims ate all the rations destined for Hindus, “he said.

Calling Adityanath’s remark “non-parliamentary”, SP MLC Ashutosh sinha He said: “The use of non-parliamentary language in the capacity of a prime minister does not suit him, and shows that he has less education. This is because those who are well educated use proper and dignified language. The constitutional office should refrain from using that language. The use of that language is also sad for democracy. ”
UP Congress spokesman Ashok Singh said: “The language used by the UP prime minister tarnishes democracy and aims to divide society.”

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