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Political parties on mission to woo Brahmins as UP polls draw close | India News


LUCK: With the Bahujan Samaj Party’s National Secretary General and Brahmin face, Satish Chandra Misra, headlining the party’s show starting Friday from Ayodhya, the BSP plans to take back the caste group as it claims to have done in the assembly elections 2007. However, Mishra opposes attempts to qualify it as a ‘caste congregation’.
Misra, who was recently appointed national media coordinator of the BSP, told TOI on Thursday: “It is not a sammelan caste but a goshthi of prabuddh varg (gathering of intellectuals).”
Whether or not BSP would go with slogans like “Haathi nahin Ganesh hai, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh hai” this time as it did before the 2007 elections, but there is no denying the fact that it has returned to social engineering and Brahmins are at the top of their priority list, in addition to their central voting bank, the Dalits.
Brahmins make up about 11% of UP voters. However, from the Yogi Adityanath government came to power, the Opposition and a section of BJP the workers have been claiming that the Brahmins are being neglected. In an attempt to quell this discontent, the BJP has done its best to keep the Brahmins in a good mood. The list of steps is long and the last one is the elevation of Kheri Deputy Ajay Misra ‘Teni’ as Minister of State in the Modi government.
According to sources, as part of its outreach offer to Brahmins, the BJP may also give Jitin prasada, who is also from the Teni region and had recently left Congress to join the BJP, a berth in the Yogi government when the next expansion takes place. While in Congress, Prasada in 2020 had launched a Brahmin Chetna Parishad to highlight the ‘atrocities against the Brahmins’.
Political analysts say that the performance of the Bahujan Samaj Party after its experiment in social engineering in the 2007 UP elections is prompting the party to court the Brahmins once again before the 2022 assembly elections. The party He has decided to hold meetings in almost every district of the state starting July 23 from Ayodhya, although he chooses not to call it a conference of Brahmins.
Speaking with TOI, Mishra confirmed that a detailed plan had been drawn up to hold such meetings. Asked why only Brahmins, Misra said during the meeting that party leaders would speak of all other castes.
However, he did not forget to add: “The fact is that the Brahmins have faced many atrocities during the Yogi rule.”
He said a detailed plan has also been drawn up to hold intellectual gatherings elsewhere. From now on, after Ayodhya, the intellectual meetings would be held in Ambedkarnagar on July 25, Prayagraj on July 26, Kaushambi on July 27, Pratapgarh on July 28 and Sultanpur on July 29, Misra told TOI.
Dates for such sammelans in other districts would be finalized later, Misra said, adding that such sammelans would take place across the state.
In 2017, of the 312 seats that BJP won in a 403 member home, there were 58 Brahmins. Interestingly, in the 2007 assembly elections, BSP featured 86 Brahmins out of 139 upper caste candidates.
According to political analysts, while BSP has secured a large share of 22% of Dalit votes, it is trying to win over the Brahmins to increase its vote bank, which could lead to the winning account.

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