Politics without ideology: Kapil Sibal, Shashi Tharoor beat up Jitin Prasada | India News

Politics without ideology: Kapil Sibal, Shashi Tharoor beat up Jitin Prasada |  India News

NEW DELHI: One day later Jitin prasada resigned from Congress, high party leader Kapil sibal They asked him if he would get “prasada” from the BJP or is it just a “trick” for the Uttar Pradesh elections.
Another colleague from the party Shashi tharoor He also asked if politics can be a career devoid of principles.
“Jitin Prasada joins the BJP. The question is whether he will get ‘prasada’ from BJP or is it just a ‘gimmick’ for the UP elections,” Sibal asked on Twitter.
“In such agreements, if the ‘ideology’ does not matter, change is easy,” the former Union minister also said.
In a tweet, Tharoor asked: “Can politics be a race devoid of principles? Politics has to be about ideas, or is it nothing. Can a person with conviction change political parties in the same way as a player of cricket changes the IPL teams. ”
In an article on the major issues of Prasada’s defection to the BJP, Tharoor stated his decision a year after his “older brother.” Jyotiraditya Scindia did the same, he is “deeply shocked.”
“I say this without any personal bitterness,” he said.
“Both Scindia and Prasada were among the loudest voices against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the dangers their communal intolerance posed to the India they cherished. Today, they both happily wear the party colors they once vilified more than anyone else. . other.
“The obvious question this raises is: what do they really stand for? What beliefs and values ​​animate their politics? Or are they in politics just for personal advancement and power? Can politics be a race without principles? “Tharoor asked in the article.
“When you enter politics, then, you do not choose a party as a graduate chooses the company that makes the best placement offer. You choose a vehicle for your convictions.
“His party reflects not only the institutional framework of his personal ambitions, but the set of principles, beliefs and ideas that he undertakes to promote and defend in the course of his political career,” he wrote.
Prasada, a member of the group of 23 congressional leaders who wrote to Sonia Gandhi seeking organizational reform and elections at all levels last year, resigned from Congress on Wednesday to join the BJP ahead of next year’s assembly elections. in Uttar Pradesh.
Both Sibal and Tharoor are also part of the group of 23 who wrote to the head of Congress.


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