Posters of ‘Vasundhra Missing’ Appear in Jhalawar, Promising Rewards for Obtaining Information on His Whereabouts | India News

Posters of 'Vasundhra Missing' Appear in Jhalawar, Promising Rewards for Obtaining Information on His Whereabouts |  India News

KOTA: posters proclaiming BJP leader Vasundhraja Raje and his son MP Dushyant singh “Disappeared” appeared Thursday morning in the twin cities of Jhalawar and Jhalarapatnam, their home turf, near here.
Former Prime Minister Raje is an MLA of the Jhalrapatan assembly segment in Rajasthan while his son Dushyant Singh is a BJP deputy from the Jhalawar-Baran Lok Sabha state constituency.
The ‘Search for Missing’ posters featured photographs of the two BJP leaders and read: “Where have the two of them gone, leaving the residents of the entire Jhalawar district alone in these critical times for the crown?
“Don’t be afraid, go home,” they read and continue to mockingly say, “People, what about people? They will forget it in a day or two. ”
The cartels continued to promise “handsome rewards” to anyone for informing people of the whereabouts of the two representatives.
The sudden appearance of the posters left the BJP workers nervous and several of them began to remove them with the help of local police and municipal workers.
Jhalawar District Unit BJP Chairman Sanjay Jain called the episode a “new low in politics.”
He said the two leaders have been in constant contact with officials and people in their areas and have worked for them during these difficult times.
Following the outbreak of the pandemic, the two leaders have been interacting with officials digitally and making arrangements for people’s needs due to no reported deaths from Covid due to lack of medication and oxygen in the district, he claimed.
However, the leader of the local Congress, Pramod Sharma, who had contested the parliamentary elections against Dushyant Singh, supported the poster campaign against the two scions of Scindia, calling it a “public awareness campaign” by local social workers and your party.
He alleged that Raje has not visited his constituency for the past two years.
“She came here only twice, once immediately after winning the assembly elections and once with her son at the time of presenting her nomination papers for the Lok Sabha polls,” she stated.
“Dushyant Singh also came to his constituency only once, but preferred not to interact with people,” he said.


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