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Public sector employees dominate IIM-V executive MBA batch


VISAKHAPATNAM: In a paradigm shift from the previous batches, executives from public sector companies and senior government officials would now dominate the new batch of MBA executives from the Indian Institute of Management-Visakhapatnam. Almost 40% of the students enrolled in the new batch belong to various UPMs and government organizations. Generally, the majority of IIM-ites for executive programs come from the corporate sector.

These ambitious professionals represent top-tier organizations such as Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, TCS, HSBC, Tata International, HPCL, L&T, BARC, as well as public sector banks, pharmaceutical, healthcare and infrastructure companies.


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Based on their job profiles, professions, and experience, these students form a diverse group of seasoned professionals. IIM-V launched the third batch of the two-year Graduate Program for Experienced Professionals (PGPEx), which resulted in the award of the IIM-V MBA degree, on Saturday. Admission has crossed the 30 mark. According to IIM-V officials, the institute of national importance has become a reference destination for professionals, mainly in their intermediate careers, to accelerate their professional progression, refine skill sets / knowledge and develop networks, critical thinking skills and decision-making skills through the Executive MBA program. As Visakhapatnam is staffed by various USPs, top-tier organizations, and private companies, IIM-V witnesses hundreds of applications for the program each year.

The additional secretary of the union ministry for skills development and entrepreneurship, Juthika Patankar, who attended the virtual launch event as the main guest, spoke on the topic of “high expectations”. “We need to create and enforce expectations in the community that people have a right to receive and obtain good services. As part of their corporate social responsibility work, private sector companies and PSUs might consider running quality capacity building programs for government employees to enable them to join. This can greatly refresh the views of government employees and make them much more receptive to new innovations and activities by other organizations for better service delivery and program implementation, ”said Juthika Patankar.

Welcoming the third group of seasoned professionals, IIM-V Director Professor M Chandrasekhar said that participants will greatly benefit from the Institute’s unique strengths in knowledge resources and infrastructure. “The Institute is known for its impressive learning outcomes, as it develops system skills, soft skills, and social skills in the cohort as a judicious amalgam to broaden their horizon and worldview. This will surely be reflected in their greater efficiency and effectiveness in their workplace, ”said Professor Chandrasekhar.

Quoting American actor Will Rogers, Professor Chandrasekhar told the students that they are all ignorant, just on different subjects. “It is the responsibility of the institute to turn students into well-rounded professionals in the management field,” said Professor Chandrasekhar.

Lot profile 2021-23

central government 3%
state government 3%
Public sector 32%
Private sector 62%

2021-23 batch graduation discipline

engineering 68%
Sciences 13%
Letters 7%
Management 6%
Commerce 6%

Work experience from lot 2021-23

3-6 years 58%
7-10 years 13%
More than 10 years 29%

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