Punjab Board introduces two-term exam as backup assessment


Following the CBSE’s decision to conduct a two-term board examination, the Punjab School Examinations Board (PSEB) also decided to have a biannual examination system for classes V, VIII, X and XII of the 2021 academic session. -22. The Board is planning to finish the Quarter I exam before December 23, if the Covid cases remain under control. In the latest development, CBSE has asked students to use only a pen to write their responses on the OMR sheet.

According to the new exam policy, Term I will comprise objective questions of the MCQ type of one grade each, while Term II will only have subjective questions. The Board is still finalizing the distribution of midterm scores. PSEB will be uploading test samples to its website soon, to help teachers guide students through the new test and question patterns.

Why two-trimester exam


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On why the PSEB has decided to take two-period exams, the president of the board, Yograj, reasons that the measure aims to have another mode of evaluation ready. “It is advisable to have an alternative plan prepared for the academic evaluation of our students in case of unforeseen situations. Also, the new exam mode will help students get a feel for the OMR sheet-based exam system, as most competitive exams are taken in the MCQ format, ”says Yograj.

No syllabus overlap

The Board has decided not to repeat the syllabus for Trimester I and Trimester II exams. “There will be no overlapping of study programs and the final result will be prepared based on the performance of students in both exams,” says the president of the PSEB. He adds that the Board expects to complete the first quarter exam before winter break. Final dates will be announced soon.

Short window to complete the study program

Speaking about the new testing policy and its challenges, Balwinder Kaur, Principal, BDS Day Boarding Senior Secondary School, Dharar, Amritsar, says the decision to have two quarterly exams should have been made earlier. “The Term I exam is expected to take place in November-December. There is a very short period of time for teachers to guide students through the question patterns and complete the syllabus, ”says Kaur.

“So far, the syllabus is being covered by chapters. While the sudden decision of the Board has put additional pressure on teachers to complete the curriculum according to the new exam pattern, we are running out of time due to the upcoming festival and holiday season, ”says Kaur , who is afraid that students will not take their studies. seriously after getting passing grades on the first trimester exam. The Board plans to give a 40% weight to Term I, 40% to Term II and a 20% weight to internal evaluation.

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