Punjab CM Channi condemns Centre’s ‘unilateral’ decision to expand BSF powers | India News


CHANDIGARH: Chief Minister of Punjab Charanjit Singh Channi on Wednesday he opposed the Interior Ministry’s decision to extend the Border security force(BSF) of arrest, search and seizure of a 50 km belt in Punjab.
Channi tweeted: “I strongly condemn the unilateral decision of the Government of India to give additional powers to BSF within the 50 KM strip that runs along international borders, which is a direct attack on federalism. I urge the Minister of the Interior of the Union Amit shah to immediately reverse this irrational decision. ”

Manish Tewari, MP from Anandpur Sahib Congress, also tweeted: “Notice from MHA improving BSF operational mandate, 15 to 50 KM in Punjab, West Bengal and Assam violates constitutional public order and states police mandate Half from Punjab will now fall under the jurisdiction of BSF @CHARANJITCHANNI must oppose. ”

He added in another tweet, “Malicious part of Section 139 of the BSF Law” … or any recognizable offense punishable under any other Central Law; or punishable under any other Central Law … “Enables the Government of India to institutionalize an alternative policing paradigm. Was the Government of Punjab consulted?”

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