qualcomm: Qualcomm isn’t ‘happy’ with Google, here’s why


American chip maker Qualcomm does not seem to have taken well the fact that Google going to put your own build chipset in the next Pixel smartphones and has made it public through a tweet. the chip maker googled with a tweet that says:
“We decided to create our own SoC for smartphones instead of using Dragon mouth“followed by a long list of red flags.

Qualcomm has supplied the chipsets for Pixel phones so far and Pixel 6 is going to change that. Qualcomm has lost a portion of its revenue base, even if it is small compared to the other companies it ships its chipsets to.
With the red flags (not just a red flag) in the tweet, it looks like Qualcomm is trying to warn Android users should not trust Google’s Tensor chip.
It’s not like the two companies have completely separated. Google and Qualcomm will continue to work together to support the Android platform. But Qualcomm has certainly made its displeasure felt at being dumped by Google’s flagship smartphone with its tweet.
By introducing its own internal chip for the Pixel 6 series, Google is taking steps towards self-sufficiency. The tech giant could also have plans for its own chipset for its upcoming Chromebooks and tablets, according to a previous report from Nikkei Asia, based on input from three sources. According to the report, Google may present the new chipsets by 2023.
“The new mobile CPUs and processors being developed by Google are based on the chip blueprints of Arm, the British chip company controlled by Softbank whose intellectual property is used in more than 90% of the world’s mobile devices,” says the report.

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