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Raghubir Yadav’s Divorce-Alimony Case gets dirty: Wife says, “I am living on mortgaged gold and borrowed money” – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News


Raghubir Yadav’s divorce and alimony case has only gotten dirtier by the day. The main actor, claims his wife Purnima, has not been able to meet her on the same page when it comes to the amount of alimony. The actor’s legal advisor says Purnima is asking for an unaffordable amount.

Purnima says ETimes that Raghubir, on the other hand, has also harassed her because he is not paying her monthly support on time. She adds: “Last year, there was a time when I was not paid for 5 months. This delay in turn cost me my house on Yari Road. I was unable to pay the rent on time and had to face humiliation. Starting Since then, I am living on loans. Also, I had to mortgage my gold. This year too, they didn’t pay me for 4 months. Two months before the court date, they gave me Rs 80,000, which was for 2 months. ”

When contacted, Raghubir Yadav He did not take our calls or respond to our text messages about the gap that does not end (the two have grown apart since 1995). Surprisingly, she started sending us Purnima posts where she is in a good mood. I wonder what he was trying to suggest or achieve.

Yadav’s attorney, Shalini Devi ETimes said, “There is no point in making the war between Raghubir and Purnima ugly. Purnima is asking for an exorbitant amount, otherwise my client would have already figured it out. Raghubir is 71 and Purnima should understand.”

Purnima’s lawyer, Ishika Tolani, responded that Raghubir Yadav is doing quite well in his career and that his position that he is not in a position to pay the amount that Purnima has demanded is absurd. She says: “My client has to endure the worst part of living such a hard life and Raghubir should pay according to his expectations. Purnima has taken care of his son as a mother and father at the same time.”

Tolani’s colleague Tooba Khan He says: “Raghubir has abandoned his wife and son. We even tried the mediation process, but it didn’t work.”

Purnima came back to say, “Raghubir has now even blocked our son’s number on his phone. Otherwise, they were in touch, from time to time.”

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