Rahul Gandhi slams government over petrol, diesel prices hike


NEW DELHI: Congress Leader Rahul gandhi On Thursday he attacked the government for rising gasoline and diesel prices and accused the Center of “tax extortion.”
The former president of Congress’s attack came after gasoline and diesel prices rose again by 35 paise per liter, pushing retail pump prices to their highest level in the country.
“There used to be stories of greedy bad government under which taxes were levied indiscriminately in old folk tales. In the beginning, people used to be unhappy, but in the end people used to put an end to that bad government. Actually, it will happen too. the same, “Gandhi tweeted on Hindi using the hashtags ‘TaxExtortion’ and ‘FuelPrices’.

Along with his tweet, he also tagged a video collage about rising gasoline, diesel and gasoline prices with his voiceover.
In the voice-over, Gandhi is heard saying that the government has earned 23 lakh crore rupees from rising gasoline, diesel and gasoline prices over the past seven years, and urges the people of the country to ask. where is this money going.
The price of gasoline in Delhi rose to its highest level of 104.79 rupees a liter and 110.75 rupees a liter in Mumbai, according to a price notice from state fuel retailers.
In Mumbai, diesel now costs Rs 101.40 per liter; while in Delhi it costs 93.52 rupees.

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