Railway deploys 35-40 extra rakes to carry coal to power plants | India News


NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways has added 35-40 new rakes for the transportation of coal in the last 3-4 days, as the government has intensified its efforts to increase the availability of coal for electricity production. Railway The president of the council Suneet sharma They said they are prepared to meet any coal supply requirement.
“We have daily meetings of all interested agencies and all issues are addressed. The whole government is working. We used 470 rakes to transport coal on Wednesday. ” Sharma said. He added that almost 45% of all goods transported by rail is only coal and they have increased the loading and unloading of coal this year.
Official data on freight carried by railways through Wednesday show a sharp increase in coal shipments. During this fiscal year, the railways have used 82,522 rakes to unload 333 million tons of coal, 35% more than the coal moved during the same period last year.

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