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Rajasthan takes pride in inspirational success stories of RAS qualifiers


JAIPUR: Social media has been lively since July 13 sharing the success stories of Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) candidates who beat the odds of succeeding in one of the toughest exams in India. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t have money or were visually impaired, they didn’t have a strong background or resources, but they managed to pass this exam and their stories now inspire other young people too.

Seeing his success stories go viral on social media, Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also took to Twitter on Saturday, saying: “It is the result of the hard work of all the RAS candidates who have had Success in one of the toughest exams in the state and country. I congratulate and extend my best wishes to all of these candidates. Their success stories are reaching everyone through media and social media and are inspiring others. students.


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“I especially congratulate the successful candidates, including healthcare workers, students with physical disabilities, and financially retarded who managed to break the RAS, despite facing all difficult situations.” Surprisingly, most of these stories come from small towns. In one case, three sisters from a farmer’s family in a small town in the Hanumangarh district passed the elite scripting history exam. These three sisters, Ritu, Suman and Anshu Saharan, have been selected at RAS-2018. Two other sisters, Manju and Roma, are already working in different government institutes. While Manju was selected in the cooperatives department in 2012, Roma broke SAN in 2011.

The most inspiring factor is that the five sisters went to school only up to class 5. Thereafter, they pursued higher education up to doctorate in private, passing examinations.

Another inspiring story is that of a visually impaired young man, Devendra Chauhan, who lost his sight in an accident in 2011. His poor family were advised to leave him at Govardhan so that he could beg for his livelihood.

However, he had big dreams and began raising funds by working. He collected sand and dumped it on a tractor and accumulated some money for additional studies. After radioing the number of a school for the blind, he came to Jaipur and learned the Braille language. A lot of people made sarcastic comments when he started preparing for RAS, but it didn’t demotivate him and he eventually qualified for RAS-2018.

My ultimate goal is to serve the country by becoming an IAS officer, he says.

Another 29-year-old man with a visual impairment, Kuldeep Jainam, also passed the exam, but also had to fight a legal battle. On August 5, 2018, RAS pre-exams were conducted in which I wanted an assistant to write. However, the RPSC denied her statement and therefore was unable to read her questions and failed the previous exams.

He filed a guilty plea in court that was dismissed by only one court. Thereafter, he chose a double bench where Kuldeep was allowed to sit for the main exams. They told him that if he breaks the main net, they will pass it on Pre too. Finally, it was announced successful in Tuesday’s results.

Asha Kandara is another inspiration because she became a deputy collector after working as a health worker at the Jodhpur Municipal Corporation. After separating from her husband, she completed her graduation in 2016 and then began preparing for RAS.

Twelve days after her RAS-2018 exam, she was permanently appointed as a health worker and worked for two years sweeping the streets of Jodhpur as she had to bear the expenses of her two children. A year after graduation, she divorced and then plunged into her studies to finally come out the winner when the RAS results were declared.

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