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AYODHYA: With the deployment of layer 48 of compact concrete, raising the foundation of the temple to 107 m above sea level, the fortified facilities of Ramjanmabhoomi were exhibited for the first time on Thursday for the Temple trust, which declared completion of the first construction phase. Foundation officials confirmed that with a solid foundation in place, the RAM The temple’s sanctum sanctorum will open to pilgrims in December 2023, just a few months before the Lok Sabha elections.
Despite the design hanging on fire for several months after the first pillar wobbled in the loose sand and a Saryu flowing underground, India’s best tech brains drew up the final foundation plan, which took more than a year to be implemented after PM. Narendra modi performed the ‘bhoomipujan’ on August 5 last year.
On Thursday, the Temple Trust invited reporters to the Ramjanmabhoomi facility for the first time to take a look at the sprawling 2.77-acre base, which is 50 feet deep, 400 feet long and 300 feet wide. It was raised with roll-compacted concrete of stone ash, stone dust, and cement with each 12-inch thick layer.
Temple trust member Anil Mishra said that after the completion of the first phase, work will begin to erect the 1.5m-high raft, which will be cast in cement, followed by the plinth that will be sculpted from sandstone. rose from Mirzapur.
Trusted Temple Secretary Champat Rai Said, 4 lakh cubic feet of pink stones from Mirzapur will be used to build the pedestal and 1 lakh cubic foot of carved marble from Bansi Paharpur in Rajasthan is ready to sculpt the spire.
Experts are brainstorming the construction of the outer peripheral wall around the main temple complex, taking security aspects into account.

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