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Rare pink water bird lands in Michigan, delighting public


SALINA: Bird lovers with cameras and binoculars travel to a stream in southeast Michigan to see a rare creature with pink feathers and a long bill.
The roseate spoonbill was found in saline in the Koch Warner drain, the first to be seen in Michigan, he said Molly keenan from Michigan Audubon.
The bird, which normally lives in the Gulf Coast region, escaped from a zoo or is “very confused,” said Saline police, who placed traffic cones on a highway to control the flow of people.
“Sometimes they stray a bit,” said Benjamin Winger, a bird curator at the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.
Whatever the reason, word has spread about the bird. Departure Most and her husband traveled approximately 200 miles (322 kilometers) from Fairmount, Indiana.
“After a while, you see a lot of the same birds, and then you see something unusual … Last night I took more than 300 pictures,” most of them said to the Detroit Free Press. “We go home happy campers.”

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