Ready for Talks, But Position Remains Same, Peasant Leaders Say | India News

Ready for Talks, But Position Remains Same, Peasant Leaders Say |  India News

NEW DELHI: Peasant leaders protesting Wednesday reiterated that the total repeal of three farm laws and the MSP’s legal guarantee are their main demands, after the government said it was ready to resume talks and asked them to point out their objections to the provisions of the legislation.
“Our main demands have always been the repeal of the three laws and a written guarantee on the MSP. These are the main issues, and that is why we are protesting and will continue to protest. We are prepared to continue until 2024.
“Our position remains the same. Let’s repeal the three laws, give us a written guarantee on the MSP, if the government is ready to talk about this, then we are ready. Now, it is up to the government to decide on the meeting,” he added. said farmer leader Shiv Kumar Kakka.
Union farming Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said on Wednesday that the government is ready to resume talks with protesting farmers, but asked unions to point out their objections to the provisions of the three farm laws with sound logic.
Kakka, however, noted that problems with the laws had already been pointed out in the 11 rounds of talks that had taken place between the government and farmers.
“The government doesn’t want us to tell them about the problems with the laws. We’ve already done that. Basically they want to talk to us only if it’s about more than just black laws. We have slaughtered over 555 farmers and sat in protest for more than six months, so the declaration of the Minister of Agriculture today is strange and irresponsible, “said the peasant leader.
The latest round of talks was held on January 22 to break the deadlock and end the farmers’ protest. Talks have not resumed after widespread violence during a tractor demonstration by farmers protesting on January 26.
Speaking about the government’s approach to resolving the impasse on the issue of farmers, Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) in a statement on Wednesday said that the government’s attitude to solve the problem was “anti-farmer.”
“While the prime minister arrogantly says that the government is only a phone call away, the true anti-Franco attitude of the government is very evident. The protesting farmers repeat and reiterate that the government’s attitude is unjustifiable and unreasonable, and is based in ego and optics Farmers are demanding a total repeal of the three core laws and new legislation to guarantee MSP for all farmers, “SKM said in a statement.
Thousands of farmers, mainly from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, have been camping on the borders of Delhi for more than six months in protest against the three laws that they say will end state purchase of crops in MSP. The Supreme Court it has postponed the implementation of the three laws until further orders and created a committee to find solutions.


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