‘Remove trade hurdles like Covid passports’


NEW DELHI: Indians face travel restrictions in various countries, Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal on Tuesday he proposed the removal of “trade barriers” such as vaccination discrimination and Covid passports, arguing that they impose mobility restrictions and impede the movement of people necessary for the provision of critical services.
“The Covid crisis is a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness and the need for a coordinated global strategy to overcome an unprecedented public health situation,” he told the G20 Trade and Investment Ministerial Meeting in Italy.
India and the UK were recently embroiled in a battle over mobility restrictions as the UK government did not recognize Covishield. Similarly, several other countries have refused to lift travel restrictions for those traveling from India, citing the risks of Delta variant.
At the meeting, Goyal again bet on Intellectual Property Rights flexibility for vaccines, arguing that they were necessary to help protect people in poor countries.

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