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NEW DELHI: They are eloquent, scholarly and highly sought after for their opinions by the media and others as well. Now, opposition MPs Shashi Tharoor and Priyanka Chaturvedi They are moving to the other side of the microphone as hosts of their own shows on the newly launched Sansad TV.
Politics will in all likelihood be off the table when Congressional Tharoor hosts “To The Point” and Shiv Sena’s Chaturvedi presents “Meri Kahani,” both raising questions rather than answering them. While Tharoor’s show will be about candid conversations with eminent personalities, Chaturvedi’s show will have women MPs share their journeys.
“I have interviewed the actor Michael Douglas and a couple more for United Nations Television, so I can’t claim to have no experience as a presenter, but it’s a refreshing change to find myself asking the questions rather than answering them! ”Tharoor told PTI.
“It’s an interesting space to be while you control the narrative … you can ask the guests any questions you want,” Chaturvedi added.
Other star presenters on the channel seeking to break stereotypes include economist Bibek Debroy, the government’s top economic adviser, Sanjeev Sanyal, and NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Sansad TV on Wednesday, created by merging Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV, along with Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and President of Lok Sabha. Om Birla.
The decision to merge Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV was made in February, and the CEO of Sansad TV was appointed in March.
The new channel and its shows have piqued viewers’ curiosity and the focus for the moment is on the two MPs known for speaking their minds, to the media and on social media platforms.
According to officials, sarod player Ustad Amjad Ali Khan She will be among the guests on the Tharoor show, while the Chaturvedi show will feature Indian classical dancer and MP Sonal Mansingh.
Tharoor, deputy from Lok Sabha of Thiruvananthapuram and chairman of the permanent parliamentary commission on information technology, said that “‘To The Point’ was conceived as a show that will delve into” the life and work of the subject in a non-confrontational way, fluent conversation style ”.
When asked about role reversal, the former UN undersecretary-general, known for his candor as an interviewee, said the guests are chosen by the Sansad TV producers and have made it clear that they want to avoid political controversy.
However, once the guests are chosen, “I have my hands free to carry the conversation as I see fit,” Tharoor said.
Digging into the details, he said: “Once we have half a dozen shows ‘in the can’ and are ready to present them to the wider world, the audience will be able to see how well it works, and then we might be able to broaden the range of interviewees. ! ”
Chaturvedi said her show focuses on talking to other women MPs about their trip to Parliament, where they started, and how they manage to give time to their families, as well as their parliamentary work.
When asked how difficult it would be to stay out of politics, he said maybe not too much. “When a woman talks to another woman, we understand the challenges, difficulties, barriers and how they handled families with work, etc.”
“We are not talking about political parties, we are talking about them,” added the Shiv Sena deputy.
He admitted that it was a bit difficult to get to the other end of the microphone. “… Especially allowing them to put on makeup, because that wasn’t something I was personally interested in participating in, but I have a tough homework teacher in the show’s producer who tells me what to do in terms of looks and so on. ”
Chaturvedi said she asked Sonal Mansingh about her life as a dancer and the challenges she faces in one of the episodes.
Also adorning the channel would be former MP and Congress leader Karan Singh, who will host a program on different religions.
The lineup of other shows has also given an indication that it will be a completely different setup from Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV and seeks to break the stereotype by involving MPs in programming.
A full documentary about the Mathura constituency of actor-turned-politician Hema Malini and her participation as a parliamentarian will also air on Sansad TV, the actor tweeted.
It is not just parliamentarians who will take on new roles on Sansad TV. Senior officials will too. Kant, the executive director of the government’s public policy think tank NITI Aayog, will be seen speaking about “India’s growth story” on the “Transforming India” show, and Sanyal becomes “sutradhar” for the show. ” Economic Sutra “, which will explain government policies and economic strategies.
According to the PMO, Sansad TV’s programming will be divided mainly into four categories: functioning of Parliament and democratic institutions, governance and implementation of Indian schemes, policies, history and culture, and issues, interests and concerns of a contemporary nature.
Retired IAS officer and former secretary of the Textile Ministry Ravi capoor is the executive director of the channel, while the assistant secretary in the secretariat of Lok Sabha Manoj Arora it’s the OSD.
Launching the channel, Modi said on Wednesday that Parliament is not only about politics, but also about politics, noting that content is about “connecting” which is applicable to both the parliamentary system and the media.
He said that it is very important for the common man to connect with Parliament and feel part of it.
The new channel adds another important chapter in the country’s parliamentary system, Modi said.

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