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Rupani made scapegoat: Congress, AAP | India News


AHMEDABAD: The Opposition Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) stated on Saturday that Vijay rupani, who resigned as Chief Minister of Gujarat Earlier in the day, he paid the price for the BJP’s failures.
The saffron party cannot cover up the failure of its “remotely controlled” government simply by changing the prime minister, Congress said. “The party has caused Vijay Rupani to resign to hide the misrule and criminal negligence of the state government that caused three lakhs of deaths during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the head of the state Congress, Amit Chavda.
Farmers are committing suicide in the state and young people are unable to find work despite expensive education, he alleged.
Congressional leader Arjun Modhwadia said the BJP had no choice but to change leadership in light of the deteriorating law and order situation. The government’s “remote control” remains in Delhi and in the hands of the BJP head of state, CR Patil, he said, adding that both “remote control operators” have been a failure.
The opposition leader in the State Assembly, Paresh Dhanani, said that the Rupani government was being controlled by remote control, but due to inflation, unemployment, corruption and the Covid-19 pandemic, “only (the first minister) Narendra bhai (Modi) and (Union interior minister)) Amit Shah are directly responsible.
“The resignation of CM Rupani has made it clear that the BJP has not been successful in managing the government,” said another congressional leader, Hardik Patel. “The real change will come after the state Assembly elections next year, when the public removes the BJP from power,” he said.
Gujarat AAP leader Gopal Italia said Rupani’s departure will not help the BJP. “Is the BJP trying to convey that people will forget the pain they have been suffering from the failure of the government after the change of prime minister? The resignation is a reflection of the failure of the bad government of the BJP of the last 27 years … . Vijay bhai has been made a scapegoat, “he said.

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