Samsung may go the ‘Apple way’ for its smartphones in future


Samsung Electronics’ System LSI division aims to double shipments of its’ Exynos’ application processor (AP) by 2021. About 20 percent of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are powered by in-house technology. Exynos processors right now and the company’s share of third-party phones is now in the single digits, below the median range of 10 percent in 2019.
The customer base is mainly limited to Chinese brands such as Vivo and Meizu.
Samsung has fixed the problems with Exynos chips
PhoneArena reports that 5G heat and communication issues on the Samsung Exynos chip have been resolved.
Samsung’s Exynos chips have sometimes been criticized for their performance, efficiency, and heat management issues even after being recognized for their competitiveness. Now that the company has embraced Arm’s CPU cores, the performance of the flagship and mid-range SoCs has noticeably improved and will likely get even better with the next generation.
Samsung has also partnered with AMD to make mobile GPUs and is expected to be equipped with Exynos 2200 that will power the high-end Galaxy S22 series. A higher proportion of future mid-tier and entry-level phones are likely to feature Exynos chips as well. The decision was driven in part by a shortage of chips.
PhoneArena also reports that Samsung’s plan is to equip 50 to 60 percent of smartphones with these internal processors.
To meet the goal, the company reportedly started expanding facilities for related components and its partners also plan to increase investment to facilitate the goal. But the Galaxy S22 was not mentioned in the report.
Samsung was said to be dealing with some performance issues and this sparked speculation that most regions will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898.
Samsung’s plan to ship 320 million smartphones in 2021
The PhoneArena report also states that Samsung expects to increase total smartphone shipments from 50 to 60 million units to 320 million units in 2021. The company’s newest folding phones have performed well compared to previous generations, but that alone it might not supposedly make up for the drop. sales badge.
Samsung’s Exynos 2200 powered by AMD is reportedly based on the 5nm process. The version intended for the Galaxy S22 Ultra is believed to have a 2.9GHz Cortex X2 core, three 2.8GHz mid-level cores, and four small 2.2GHz cores. The GPU is clocked at 1250MHz.
It remains to be seen how it will stack up to the competing chips that will power the best future phones.

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