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New Delhi: Hailing Veer Savarkar as a staunch nationalist and India’s first military strategist in the 20th century, Minister of Defense Rajnath singh Tuesday he said he was in Mahatma GandhiThe request that he write clemency petitions to the British and people of Marxist and Leninist ideology wrongly accuse him of being a fascist.
In a book launch here, Singh described Savarkar as a “national icon” and said he gave the country “strong diplomatic and defense doctrine.”
“He was an icon of Indian history and will continue to be so. There may be differences of opinion about him, but despising him as inferior is not appropriate or justifiable. He was a freedom fighter and a staunch nationalist, but people who follow the ideology Marxist and Leninist are the ones who accuse Savarkar of being a fascist … “Singh said, adding that hatred of Savarkar is illogical.
Speaking of Savarkar as a freedom fighter, Singh said his commitment to freedom was so strong that the British sentenced him to life in prison twice.
“Lies about Savarkar were spread repeatedly. It was reported that he submitted many clemency petitions to ask for his release from prisons … It was Mahatma Gandhi who asked him to submit clemency petitions …” said the Defense Minister .
Savarkar was blunt in saying that India’s relations with other countries should depend on how favorable those ties are to India’s security and interests regardless of the type of government in those countries, he said.
“Savarkar was India’s first military strategic affairs expert in the 20th century, who gave the country strong diplomatic and defensive doctrine,” Singh said.
Discussing Savarkar’s concept of Hindutva, he said that the word “Hindu” for him was not associated with any religion and was linked to the geographical and political identity of India. For Savarkar, Hindutva was associated with cultural nationalism, he added.
“For Savarkar, an ideal state was one in which its citizens were not differentiated based on their culture and religion and therefore their Hindutva needs to be deeply understood,” said the veteran. BJP said the leader.
Echoing similar sentiments about Savarkar, RSS chief mohan Bhagwat He said his Hindutva ideology never suggested differentiating between people on the basis of their culture and god-worship methodology.
“Savarkar used to say, why do we differ? We are children of the same homeland, we are brothers. Different worship methodologies have been the tradition of our country. We have been fighting together for the country,” Bhagwat said.
Underlining that Savarkar was not an enemy of the Muslims, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh The head of (RSS) said he had written a lot of ghazals in Urdu.
Several people spoke about Hindutva and unity in Indian society, it was just that Savarkar spoke about it out loud and now after so many years it feels like if everyone had spoken out loud no division (of the country would have occurred ). added.
“… Muslims who emigrated to Pakistan after partition have no prestige in that country, because they belong to India and it cannot be changed. We have the same ancestors, only our worship methodology is different and we are all proud of our liberal culture of Sanatan Dharma. That heritage moves us forward, that’s why we all live here together, “said Bhagwat.
He also said that whether it is Hindutva from Savarkar or Hindutva from Vivekananda, they are all the same as they all speak of the same cultural nationalism where people do not differ based on their ideology. PTI JTR RC

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