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NEW DELHI: Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Cha I will be visiting Jammu and cashmere in late October as part of the Center’s mega outreach program, government sources said.
Under the current plan, an official, who requested anonymity, told ANI that the minister can visit Jammu and Kashmir from October 23 to 25.
According to the official, the date can be brought forward to October 22, as it is a tentative calendar, but “the Minister will visit the Union Territory for at least three days. The date may change from October 22 to October 24 or it will be the same October 23 to October 25 “.
In his three-day visit to both Jammu and the Kashmir region, the official said, the interior minister “will lay the cornerstone for some projects, inaugurate some development projects and chair different meetings on security and development issues.”
During his visit, Shah will also meet people who reside in remote areas of the Kashmir Valley and will also visit Jammu. Shah’s approach is primarily to ensure that the benefits of growth and development reach the poorest of the poor in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Home Secretary’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir is seen as part of the central government’s mega outreach program in the Union Territory in which 70 Union Ministers they are visiting Jammu and Kashmir. The second edition of the central government’s mega outreach program began on September 8 this year and will conclude with the visit of Interior Minister Shah.
The first mega outreach program of the central government took place on January 18-24 last year in which 36 Union ministers visited Jammu and Kashmir. The objective of this program is to review the ongoing projects in Jammu and Kashmir and the development that has taken place after the repeal of sections 370 and 35A.
During their visit, the Union Ministers have so far interacted with the locals, the administration and representatives of the Panchayati raj Institutions. They have visited remote areas of Jammu and Kashmir, mainly southern Kashmir, once considered a “hotbed of terrorism”.
After the visit, last year all the Ministers submitted their reports to the Ministry of the Interior (MHA) and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and this year the same process will also be followed.

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