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MARGAO: Recalling the surgical strikes that India carried out within Pakistan-controlled territory to retaliate against a terrorist attack on an army camp in Uri, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah on Thursday sounded a stern warning. to the enemies of India against “flirting” with the country’s borders and said that every such act will be met with appropriate retaliatory measures on the part of India.
“Previously, such acts of border incursions would only be followed by conversations and pleas. Now every provocation will see retaliation in equal measure, ”he said. The warning came in the context of efforts by Pakistan-based jihadist terror attacks to harm India at J&K and elsewhere.
Shah said the 2016 surgical strikes through the Line of Control changed the way the world viewed India. When India responded to the killings of our jaws in Uri with LoC-wide surgical strikes, Shah said, a message was sent to the world that flirting with India’s borders was no longer an easy task.

“Surgical strikes, for the first time in history, helped restore the honor of the nation’s borders and thus strengthened the sovereignty of India. ”Speaking at the bhoomi-pujan function of the National University of Forensic Sciences In Dharbandora, Shah paid glorious tributes to the former Chief Minister of Goa and Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar stating that the fundamental work done by him on the defense front had helped change the world’s perspective towards India.
Shah said Parrikar will long be remembered for two main things: one, for the implementation of a rank one pension (OROP) for the military, and two, for the 2016 surgical strikes.
“Below Prime Minister Narendra ModiParrrikar’s leadership gave the gift of RFMO to our military. By implementing RFMOs, Modi-Parrikar somehow recognized the tyag, tapasya and balidan of our soldiers who spend the best years of their lives protecting our borders in hostile conditions, in temperatures ranging from -43 degrees C to +43 degrees C. The guardians of our borders are now fully confident that the Indian government cares for their families. Modi and Parrikar will be remembered for a long time, ”Shah said.
Praising Parrikar For putting Goa on the path of accelerated development, Shah fondly recounted a conversation he once had with the former Goa CM.
“Parrikar once told me,” Shah said, “that the smaller the state, the bigger its development should be. He had replied that while the belief seemed simple and acceptable, it was difficult to apply in practice. Parrikar replied saying that Goa would definitely do it and try it one day. And when he became the Prime Minister of Goa, he began to transform Goa. ”

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