Sharad Pawar: Congratulations; Sharad Pawar’s dig at Fadnavis over his ‘I still feel CM’ remarks | India News


MUMBAI: In an excavation in senior BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis, who had said that he still feels like the prime minister of Maharashtra, President of NCP Sharad pawar on Wednesday he said he lacked this trait even though he had served as CM four times.
Fadnavis said Tuesday that for the people’s sake, he didn’t feel like he was no longer prime minister.
“It is good that the BJP leader still regards himself as the prime minister. I congratulate him. After being the prime minister for five years, Fadnavis still feels he holds the position. I lacked this trait. He had served as prime minister. minister (from Maharashtra) four times. But I don’t even remember ” Pawar said.
He also referred to Fadnavis’ famous slogan “Me Punha Yein” (I will return), which had become popular before the 2019 Maharashtra assembly elections.
The slogan had become a topic of mockery and inspired many mock-filled messages and WhatsApp memes that criticized the BJP leader.
Fadnavis, while speaking at an event in Navi Mumbai, had said that the people of Maharashtra never made me feel that I am not the prime minister.
“I still feel like I am the prime minister, as I have been roaming the state for the past two years. The love and affection of the people has not diminished,” he had said.
Fadnavis became the prime minister of Maharashtra after the 2014 elections and completed a full term, something that no prime minister in the state had accomplished in the previous three decades.
After Shiv Sena left the alliance with the BJP after the 2019 elections, he forged a link with a dissident NCP MLA group led by Ajit pawar and was sworn in as chief minister with Pawar as his deputy.
But this government lasted only three days for lack of numbers and was replaced by an alliance of Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress, led by Uddhav Thackeray.

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