Sharad Pawar on NCB’s Sameer Wankhede: I have heard several stories, but I don’t have the complete details | Hindi Movie News


Nationalist Congress Party President Sharad pawar On Wednesday he said he is “misusing the central investigative agencies to attack political opponents and now even the relatives of politicians.” Also, playing on the Narcotics Control OfficeZone Director Sameer wankhedePawar said he tried to get information on the IRS officer who was previously stationed at the Mumbai airport.

“I have heard various stories … But I do not have the full details, so I will not speak more about that now,” he said, fueling speculation after the series of disclosures made by the NCP national minister and spokesperson. Nawab Malik last week pointing a needle of suspicion at the NCB.

He mentioned how the NCB had taken a person on the run from the Pune police as its independent witness in the Oct. 2 raids at a rave party aboard the cruise ship in Mumbai port, sparking a major political dispute.

Questioning the credentials of the NCB, Pawar said that compared to the work of the central agency, the Mumbai Police Anti-Narcotics Cell has seized much larger volumes of drugs as an agency at the state level and without getting into controversy.

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