Showdown on Twitter: Model Aisha Sultana Faces Sedition for “Biological Weapons” Comment, Reactions Continue | India News


NEW DELHI. Lakshadweep On Thursday, the police presented a sedition case against actor-model Aisha sultana for saying that he Modi The government used administrator Praful Khoda Patel to deploy COVID-19 as a “biological weapon” against the people of the island.

The complaint against Aisha Sultana was filed by Bhartiya Janata PartyAbdul Khader, president of the Lakshadweep unit, for spreading false news about the spread of COVID-19 on the island.

As soon as the news broke on Twitter, the microblogging platform erupted with various reactions. Some called for ending draconian laws like sedition and the UAPA, others felt that serious accusations that the state conspired to kill its own people must be leveled with facts.

‘Dissent cannot be repressed’

‘Abuse of the sedition law’

‘Sultana has not been booked for criticizing Modi, stop lying’

The logic went to launch

‘The country is not ancestral property of BJP’

‘Criticism is a right’

‘Resist colonial rule’


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