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BENGALURU: Former Karnataka Chief Ministers Siddaramaiah and BS Yediyurappa on Wednesday he scrapped the leader of JD (S) HD KumaraswamyThe claim that both leaders have had a secret meeting late at night.
Kumaraswamy had claimed yesterday that the recent income tax raids on a person, said to be a close associate of Yediyurappa, was an attempt by the BJP leadership to “control” him, after his supposed meeting with Siddaramaiah.
Congressional stalwart Siddaramaiah challenged Kumaraswamy and said he will withdraw from politics if such a meeting is proven to have taken place. On the other hand, BJP veteran Yediyurappa called it “far from the truth and nonsensical”.
“I had gone to meet Yediyurappa on his birthday. I had not met him personally as Chief Minister or Leader of the Opposition. I did not meet him (personally) until today. We were both in the same hospital when they infected us. Crown, even then we had not met, “said Siddaramaiah.
Speaking to reporters in Kalaburgai, he claimed that it was Kumaraswamy who met repeatedly with Yediyurappa, when he was the CM.
“For him (Kumaraswamy) to prove that Yediyurappa and I have met, I will retire from politics … While in the opposition I will never meet with those of the ruling party, nor will I go to their office or home, is the principle that I follow ….. (Kumaraswamy’s claims) are outright lies, “he added.
On the other hand, Yediyurappa, who took to social media to reject claims about his meeting with Siddaramaiah, without naming Kumaraswamy, said that he has never committed to the ideology he believes in and that his only goal was to bring the BJP back to the power in Karnataka.
“Apart from my birthday on February 27, 2020, I have not personally met with the opposition leader Siddaramaiah … I do not need to have such a meeting. We in the party are working to bring the BJP back to power in the state, “Yediyurappa tweeted.
Further stating that he will not rest until he achieves the goal of returning the BJP to power, he said: “I have never committed myself to the ideology in which I have believed, and I will never commit myself in the future. As Siddaramaiah has clarified that such has taken place. meeting, I’m making it too clear that the media reports on this are far from the truth and nonsensical. ”
Speaking to reporters in Mysuru, Kumaraswamy had claimed on Tuesday that recent income tax raids specifically against a person said to be Yediyurappa’s personal assistant and related contractors with the water resources department, was an attempt. of the BJP to “control” Yediyurappa, following his supposed nightly meeting with Siddaramaiah.
“Anyone with the slightest understanding of politics can understand that the recent TI raids were for what reasons … The TI raids were for a political motive … it is to control or checkmate Yediyurappa … as both (Siddaramaiah and Yediyurappa) had an evening meeting on political developments, and the BJP that has government both in the Center and in the state found out from their sources, and has probably toughened things up, “he said.

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