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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra modi on Tuesday he launched a strong attack on the opposition, saying that those who engage in a “selective interpretation” of human rights for political gains and losses damage both democracy and human rights.
“There is another aspect associated with human rights that I want to talk about today. In recent years, some people have begun to interpret human rights in their own way, prioritizing their interests. They see the violation of human rights in one incident but not in another. Incident of a similar nature. This mentality is very damaging to human rights … Human rights suffer greatly when viewed through a political prism and viewed in accordance with political gains and losses. This selective behavior is also very damaging to the democracy “. Modi said on the 28th founding day of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

The prime minister did not name any party or organization, but said that India should be careful of people who try to damage the image of the country under the pretext of expressing concern about human rights violations. The assent appeared to be towards the opposition’s focus on the Lakhimpur Kheri violence, while implying the absence of similar protests when it came to atrocities in non-BJP states.
The suggestion was immediately reinforced by the BJP after the event and the party crafted crime cases against Dalits in states such as Jharkhand and Rajasthan, providing details that Modi’s speech did not have. The Prime Minister also stressed “in favor of the poor, women and pro-Divyang“Initiatives taken by his government, and aimed at the opposition as people who chose to see human rights violations in some incidents but not others. He said that improving the quality of life and options for the poor is key to protecting their human rights, allowing them to look beyond daily survival.
Interior Minister Amit Cha praised India’s strong tradition of delivering justice and upholding human rights. He said that the Modi government was the most popular elected government in the country since independence and said that Modi has worked tirelessly for the well-being of the poor, backward and disadvantaged sectors of society.
Shah also praised the NHRC for its efforts to protect people’s human rights in the 28 years of its existence. He said that since its inception, the NHRC disposed of 20 lakh of cases and awarded Rs 205 million compensation to dozens of people whose human rights were violated, which is a commendable figure.
The BJP press conference criticized a section of human rights groups, some with a global presence, and claimed that they highlighted cases of alleged rights violations selectively and with prejudice against the government. Modi also highlighted the government’s action to approve a 26-week maternity leave for working women, a right, she said, that is not yet available to women in many developed countries.
Speaking at the function, NHRC President Justice Arun Kumar Mishra (retd) said that in the 20th century about 12 million people have been victims of political violence around the world. “The killings of innocent people cannot be glorified. Referring to these terrorists as freedom fighters is wrong. Social service organizations and human rights defenders must join forces to condemn political violence and terrorism, since ignoring this breeds fundamentalism, “said Mishra.
He also said that India has emerged as a powerful entity on a global level and has been recognized as a new power. This, he said, is a credit to the people of India, its constitutional system and its leadership. The NHRC chief also praised the “tireless efforts” of the interior minister. Amit shah to promote peace in Jammu and Kashmir and the northeast.

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