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South Africa’s regulator approves Pfizer Covid-19 shot for children 12 and up


JOHANNESBURG: South AfricaThe health regulator has approved PfizerThe Covid-19 vaccine for children 12 years and older, paving the way for the government to offer vaccines to adolescents.
the South African Health Products Authority (SAPHRA) said the decision was made after a review of updated safety and efficacy information released in March this year.
After a bumpy start, South Africa vaccination The campaign has intensified in recent months with a robust vaccine supply secured and just over 12% of its more than 60 million people vaccinated. That puts the country far ahead of others on the continent.
However, health insurers say vaccine vacillation is now the main problem affecting the pace of the campaign, and the government has launched efforts to persuade people to get the vaccine.
South Africa has a large young population, with 28% under the age of 15.
Countries around the world are considering or administering vaccines to children, while other vaccine developers, including Modern they are looking for the green light to use their vaccines in adolescents.
Pfizer, whose injection is already being given to adolescents, is planning trials in even younger children.

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