Staffers told to vacate quarters, Air India unions warn of strike


NEW DELHI: Air india The unions have issued a strike notice on the question of being asked to vacate their company accommodation in Mumbai. Kalina within six months of the closing date of the divestment transaction.
AI’s Unions Joint Action Committee issued a notice to the Mumbai regional labor commissioner on Wednesday, saying they can go on an indefinite strike starting November 2 on this issue. According to the rules, a union must give two weeks notice before it can go on strike.
A letter with the strike notice says AI employees living in their colonies received a letter from the airline on October 5 asking them to commit before October 20, 2021 to vacate the houses within six months of the privatization of the airline. AI has a colony in Kalina of Mumbai and Vasant Vihar of Delhi. When asked if the strike notice is only for Kalina’s homes, a union official said the problem is the same in metropolitan areas. “All unions are discussing the situation in Delhi and Mumbai on a daily basis and will collectively take a call for a strike,” he said.
The letter of union reads: “It is known that the lands on which the colonies are located are leased in perpetuity by Airports Authority of India (AAI) to AI. AAI is the owner and Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL) is only a tenant. There is no reason for AI to hastily vacate the colonies and hand over the land to the Adani Group (which is now a promoter of MIAL). There are several slums on airport grounds that have not received notices. The Maharashtra government is the custodian of the land records and its permission is essential for the transfer … ”
The joint forum has demanded that the October 5 circular be withdrawn asking employees to commit and that “employees be allowed to continue to reside in their respective homes until they retire” from service. “… Failing that, we have no alternative but to resort to an indefinite strike from November 2, 2021 onwards,” he says.
On August 9, 2021, the Government of Mexico on divestment decided that AI employees may continue to stay in the company’s residential properties after divestment “for a period of six months or until the property is monetized, which whichever comes first. Appropriate binding financial disincentives must be formulated … financial disincentives must be formulated to allow for a quick vacation … ”Accordingly, employees were asked to commit to ensuring that AI’s expanding staff colonies in Vasant Vihar and Kalina of Mumbai will be vacated in time to allow real estate monetization.
The government has warned that AI employees who remain in the airline’s colonies beyond the period allowed after divestment in Delhi and Mumbai will be fined 10 rupees and 15 lakh rupees, respectively, and will also be charged double. of market rent for an unauthorized period of stay. This amount will be recovered from your fees.

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