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KABUL: The Taliban They have seized a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition, which was heading to Pakistan.
This comes amid reports that weapons left by US forces in Afghanistan they are being smuggled across the border into Pakistan.
In Afghanistan’s Kandahar province, the Taliban thwarted an attempt to transfer weapons to Pakistan, Pakistani vernacular media reported.
According to a media report, the weapons being transported to Pakistan were seized in Kandahar. A truck from Helmand province in Afghanistan was stopped in the Daman district of Kandahar and a large quantity of weapons were recovered during the search. Daily Ausaf reported.
He also reported that the Taliban recovered weapons and ammunition from the truck’s hiding places. According to the Taliban commander, weapons were being smuggled into Pakistan through Chaman for terrorist purposes. The Taliban arrested the truck driver and took him to an unknown location for questioning.
The commander said that the operation was carried out with a tip-off and that the driver was being questioned. He said that Afghan territory will not be used against any country, that no single weapon can be allowed to transfer to any country, Daily Ausaf reported.
On August 15, Kabul had fallen into the hands of the Taliban and since then people have been in a state of terror with increasing reports of human rights abuses in various parts of the country.
After their hostile takeover by Afghanistan, the Taliban seized $ 85 billion worth of weapons that were left behind by the western superpower. Donald Trump Jr. said last month.
American troops have left all this equipment behind, as getting them back into the country is not an economic task, while national security adviser Jake Sullivan had also stated that “the Taliban would probably not return that material to the United States in the airport, “he added. International News reported.
The Taliban also ordered the Afghans to hand over vehicles, weapons, ammunition and other government assets to the concerned authorities.

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