Tech Mahindra plans to acquire in Europe, hire 250 people in the Nordic region in 2 years

Tech Mahindra plans to acquire in Europe, hire 250 people in the Nordic region in 2 years

NEW DELHI: IT company Tech Mahindra is seeking acquisitions in Europe to upgrade its capabilities in various segments, including cloud computing, 5G, SAP Y Sales force softwares, a senior company official said Wednesday.
Technology Mahindra also plans to add around 250 people in the Nordic region to support its growth, Tech Mahindra Commercial Head Europe Mukul Dhyani he told PTI.
“We are expanding our presence in the cloud, digital topics like 5G, SAP and Salesforce. These are some of the broader topics that we are looking at from an expansion perspective. We are looking for multiple companies (for acquisitions). If we get a single entity in four domains or five domains, we will be happy, “said Dhyani.
The company is mainly looking for boutique companies specialized in particular domains such as SAP, Salesforce, etc. with several hundred employees.
Dhyani said Tech Mahindra’s ability to computerize data and provide IT and operational technology for enterprises and the implementation of 5G in organizations is driving the company’s business in Europe, especially in the Nordic region.
“We are committed to hiring 250 people in the Nordic countries alone in the next 18-24 months. These incorporations will be in different technologies, but mainly in the case of SAP and Cloud network and 5G, “Dhyani said.
Tech Mahindra has more than 3,500 workers in continental Europe, including the Nordic region.
The company plans to recruit local people in the Nordic region. It will open a center in Norway, as well as twin centers in Mannheim, Germany.
“Subsequently, we have expanded our operations and a hub in Gothenburg in Sweden. We have a concentration of large clients in that region,” Dhyani said.
Tech Mahindra officials said the company is investing in localizing the service in the Nordic region and looking at each market differently.
“We have looked at planning at the country level. For us, Sweden is one of the largest from a market perspective as far as the Nordic countries are concerned, as well as from an opportunity perspective,” Dhyani said.
Tech Mahindra claims to have doubled investments for business opportunities in the manufacturing, banking, financial services and insurance sectors, specifically in Sweden.
“We have invested in retail, consumer products and oil and gas as far as Norway is concerned. We are seeing a lot of traction in that market. Subsequently, in both Denmark and Finland, we focused on manufacturing and the retail sector,” Dhyani said.
He said the company is setting up a lab for 5G-related work in Finland.


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