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Tech-support scammers hit 70% of India users: Microsoft | India News


NEW DELHI: India is a call center talent hub used for criminals, says Microsoftnew research report. Its survey of 16,254 adult Internet users in 16 countries found that nearly seven out of 10 consumers in India were attacked by a tech support scammer in the past year.
The ‘Global Tech Support Scam Research’ showed that India experienced a relatively high scam rate of 69% in 2021, almost similar (70%) to 2018. In contrast, there was an overall five-point drop in scams worldwide with a rate of 59% during the same period.
In India, one in three (31%) of those surveyed continued to participate and eventually lost money, an increase of 17 points compared to 2018. Millennials (24 to 37 years old) were the most susceptible, with 58% of those who continued with a scam that generates a monetary loss. Up to 73% of men in India who proceeded to interact with a scammer were likely to lose money, according to the survey.
Every month, Microsoft receives around 6,500 complaints worldwide from people who have been victims of tech support scams. This is down from the 13,000 reports in an average month in previous years.
Posing as executives from a technology major, such as Microsoft or Google, scammers contact users and create a psychosis of fear or convince them to install software. Once done, it gives the scammers illegal “remote access” to their victims’ devices. The scammers then drain the victim’s money.

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