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Kerala’s historyThe film is being shown in only one theater in West Bengal but is drawing a good response from the audience, an official from the East India Film Association (EIMPA) said on Thursday. On May 18, the High Court struck down the West Bengal government’s ban on showing the controversial film in the state. He mama banerjee The administration, in imposing the ban on May 8, had cited fears that the film, if shown in theaters, could stoke community passions.
While theater owners in other theaters have shown no willingness to show the film, a movie theater in Bongaon town in North 24 Parganas district near the India-Bangladesh border has been showing the film since May 20. , with a disclaimer that the “narratives are based on fictional accounts”.

“Sreema Cinema Hall on Ramnagar Road in Bongaon, about 75 km from Kolkata, is showing the film, but we don’t know if any other cinema in the state is showing the film,” said the official from EIMPA, the main body for movie theater owners. movie theaters and distributors in the eastern region, they told PTI.
After the state government imposed a ban on the film’s screening, around 60 theaters that were showing the film began to allocate their slots to other Bengali, Hindi and English films and now all but one cite the impossibility of resuming the film. projection, he said.
“We offered them various time slots but they showed no inclination to show the film,” he said.
satadip sahaOn behalf of the film’s distributors SSR Cinema, he said: “The film will be shown in only one theater even though we have assured the theater owners that they will not face any legal hurdles if they screen the film after May 18.” .
Ratan Saha, president of the EIMPA exhibition section, in a previous letter to Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, wrote: “Movie theaters are currently struggling because audiences are not coming to theaters in large numbers. However, ‘The Kerala Story’ had a successful three-day run that gave theater owners some relief. Therefore, I ask that you make arrangements to facilitate the screening of the film in the state for the interest of the cinema.”
Ratan Saha, who is also a co-owner of Ajanta Cinema in South Kolkata, said, “It is up to the respective theater owner to make the decision (to show the film), EIPMA cannot ask them to.” You know, dealers are ready if any other room owner shows interest.”
The movie director Sudipto SenAt a press conference in Calcutta on May 19, he stated that many theater owners informed him that they were threatened and asked not to show the film.
He said that the film will certainly be released on OTT platforms at a later date, but “it was meant to be seen on the big screen.”

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